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Our Story

We opened up Dance Expressions to be Aquidneck Island's best choice for a high-quality and affordable dance program for all ages.

After working with some of the island's best dancers, we firmly believe that dance is essential to the well-rounded growth of all. Our dancers are allowed to express and challenge themselves in new and unique ways every class, while also being in constant movement. 


The studio aims to build confidence, inner and physical strength, technical skill and a sense of team membership in all of our dancers. Every student is guided to reach full potential by dedicating time and energy to learning the art form as a means for self-expression.

Why choose Dance Expressions?

At Dance Expressions, we pride ourselves on the rapid growth our dancers achieve through our high-quality training, progressing at a faster rate than most studios. Our dedication to excellence has been recognized with the prestigious ADCC Studio of Excellence Award.


We attribute our success to our exceptional teachers, who implement a strict curriculum and personalized teaching methods tailored to each dancer's unique needs and goals. Our instructors are committed to fostering discipline, hard work, kindness, and dedication in every student, regardless of their level, dance experience, or age.


Join us at Dance Expressions, where we provide an environment that nurtures talent and supports each dancer's journey to excellence.

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