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Recreation Levels
& Dance Teams

Recreation Levels

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Dancing Duos

Ages 18 mos-2.5 - Guardian involved class providing a fun introduction to rhythm, musicality and movement. Engaging and creative dancing is used to discover the joy of ballet, jazz, and creative movement. A guardian is asked to stay during the class to help and encourage their dancer.

Shining Stars

Ages 2.5-4 - Creative Movement
Classes. Stimulating, fun and imaginative classes
in creative movement, designed to develop your child’s natural love of dance and music. The fundamentals of ballet and tumbling are introduced with basic dance movement, games and use of imagination in dramatic play. 

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Shooting Stars

Ages 4-6- Ballet & Tap Combo Class, and Acrobatics Class Our Shooting Stars classes are designed to further develop your child’s knowledge and love of dance, movement, and music. Acrobatics is now introduced in combination with Ballet and Tap.  At this age dancers are encouraged to take both a combination class of Ballet and Tap along with an Acrobatics class.


Ages 6-10 - These classes are for the dancers that are ready to take dance to the next level! Our Beginner/Intermediate dancers take tailored, focused classes based on their personal interests and passions. This progression is the next step into creating their positive dance experience, growth, and maturity. Our goal at Dance Expressions is to enhance the level of excellence in your dancer in a fun and supporting environment. Dancers are encouraged to take a ballet class but are not required to at the recreational level.

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Ages 11-18 - Our Dancers ages 11 and up are encouraged to take a ballet class along with any other genres of dance that we have to offer at Dance Expressions. Although recreational dancers are not required to participate in a ballet class, our faculty believes that in order to have a strong background in dance, all dancers should participate in ballet. In addition to ballet, these dancers have the option to take as many classes in the styles they like such as tap, jazz, contemporary, acrobatics and hip hop.

Competition Levels

All committed and motivated dancers
are welcome to audition and join our team!

Dance Expressions Competition Teams are designed for dancers who love to perform. Dancers are accepted into the program by audition. All Competition Teams are given the opportunity to travel to different venues throughout the year, performing at competitions and community events.

 Crystal Team

Ages 5-7

Dancers ages 5-7 are required to take ballet and a choreography/technique class once a week. Crystal Team dancers are required to dance at least 2 hours a week.

Ruby Team

Ages 7-9 

Dancers ages 7-9 are required to take ballet and jazz for 3 hours a week.

Our Ruby Team dancers are encouraged to take another style of choice. Ruby dancers

will compete a jazz routine at competitions throughout the dance year.

Onyx Team

Ages 10-12

Dancers ages 10-12 are required to take ballet, jazz, leaps and turns, and contemporary for 4.5 hours
a week. Our Onyx Team dancers are encouraged to take another style of choice. Onyx Team dancers
will compete a jazz and contemporary routine at competitions throughout the dance year.

Diamond Team

Ages 13 and up 

Dancers ages 13 and up are required to take ballet, jazz, leaps/turns/conditioning, and
contemporary for
6 hours a week. Diamond Team dancers are required to take additional
ballet classes along with choosing another style of choice-acrobatics, hip hop, or tap. Diamond
Team dancers compete a contemporary and jazz dance at competitions throughout the year.

*Dancers placed on teams based off of ability and age, ages do not guarantee your dancers placement.


Team Dancers are chosen at the beginning of the dance year.

2022-2023 Team Announcements coming soon!

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